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Creative Amidst Bureaucracy
September 5, 2007



I recently read this post on Behance and thought that it was definitely worth sharing with all of you.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity can exist in bureaucratic environments. You can see it in the form of brainstorms and “exciting days” in offices across the corporate world. A new idea flourishes, but then it enters a bureaucratic mess that substantially reduces the likelihood of execution.

“Don” (real name protected) had an internship this summer at a social networking startup that shall go nameless. As he explains, “ideas for changes and small improvements would originate in a brainstorm, and then be preserved for a meeting with our design agency. A week later, a meeting with designers would end with a series of questions for the programmers. The programmers (some work on the opposite coast and some work in India), would have to agree on a meeting time with the designers and with the executives. By the time that meeting happened, everyone would need a refresher on the topic, weeks would have passed, and money evaporated.” Painful.

To make ideas happen, creative professionals must work in a system that values a bias-to-action and boundaryless collaboration. (more…)

Entrepreneurial Wisdom
June 18, 2007


Learning from the mistakes of others can be one of the single biggest *shortcuts* on the path to success. Here are some recent remarks from some entrepreneurs who have “been there and done that.”

Build a Strong Team of Generalists Who Can Specialize – Avichal Garg

Find team members who complement each other but who can jump in to do anything. For example, if you are building a team of engineers, find great engineers, some of whom think about the front-end, some about the back-end, some about speed, but all of whom can jump in wherever and whenever needed to build a part of the product.

Do the Simplest Thing Possible – David Weekly

You’re probably pretty smart so you’ve probably built out a very elaborate scheme / architecture / process for achieving world peace while becoming fabulously wealthy. Drop it. This big-picture kind of stuff is pure intellectual masturbation. Instead, ask yourself, almost as a joke, what the absolute simplest possible version of the idea would be – challenge yourself to something you can do in a day. You may be surprised (positively or negatively!) by the results.


Bigger than You – Sumaya Kazi

Surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. It can only breed success.


The Distance Between 0.00 & 0.01
March 23, 2007

A couple weeks back, VC Josh Kopelman wrote an excellent post titled “The Penny Gap,” where he discussed the difference between a free and paid-for business model.  I highly recommend this post to any entrepreneur in the web space as it sheds some real perspective into the minds of consumers.

Josh starts out by talking about the common misconception of how getting users to pay the 1st $1 is the same as getting them to pay the next $1 (difference between $1 – $2). (more…)

Ideas Are Worthless Unless Acted Upon
February 27, 2007


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

Exciting, powerful, invigorating, innovative, stimulating, enthusiastic, spirited and full of passion…ideas are all of these.  Yes, but they’re also one other thing….they’re “a dime a dozen.” (more…)

Things That Have Caught My Eye
November 29, 2006


 Each day I make it a point to read several blogs by individuals whom I find particularly knowledgeable/interesting on topics such as life, technology and business.  Many of these individuals are noteworthy because of their past experiences and credentials ranging from former CEO’s and investors to marketers and entrepreneurs.  Learning should continue on throughout one’s life far beyond a college degree.  That being said, a couple of recent blog posts have caught my eye and I figured that I’d pass them along your way. (more…)