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Creative Amidst Bureaucracy
September 5, 2007



I recently read this post on Behance and thought that it was definitely worth sharing with all of you.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity can exist in bureaucratic environments. You can see it in the form of brainstorms and “exciting days” in offices across the corporate world. A new idea flourishes, but then it enters a bureaucratic mess that substantially reduces the likelihood of execution.

“Don” (real name protected) had an internship this summer at a social networking startup that shall go nameless. As he explains, “ideas for changes and small improvements would originate in a brainstorm, and then be preserved for a meeting with our design agency. A week later, a meeting with designers would end with a series of questions for the programmers. The programmers (some work on the opposite coast and some work in India), would have to agree on a meeting time with the designers and with the executives. By the time that meeting happened, everyone would need a refresher on the topic, weeks would have passed, and money evaporated.” Painful.

To make ideas happen, creative professionals must work in a system that values a bias-to-action and boundaryless collaboration. (more…)


…be there.
July 20, 2007


“Wherever you are…be there.” – Dr. Nasir Siddiki

This post is in direct response to the quote above. The culture of our society today seems to 100% embrace the notion of an “it’s okay…I have A.D.D.” type of mentality. Combine that with the ever-present *multi-task mindset* of the work-a-holic community and there’s no wonder why people have such a hard time staying on track, reaching their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

Ever been somewhere but not really “been there?” You know, your body is there but you’re checked out mentally. Daydreams, sleepiness, fatigue, ideas…whatever the reason may be, it’s easy to go through the motions without being tuned into the environment and/or task at hand. (more…)

Snapshots of a Startup: The Lowest Common Denominator
July 10, 2007


In the continuation of the Snapshots of a Startup series, I’ve making an effort to simply share some of the lessons/principles/concepts that I’m learning throughout the course of working on my first major startup. Well…it’s been a while now…and I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for quite some time. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to both meet and become friends with many successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and social influencers. Each person has had some great nuggets of insight to share…yet in the experiences of each lies one thread, one reoccurring theme, one common denominator. (more…)

Creativity with Constraints
June 14, 2007

First off, I’d like to mention that one of my best friends and co-founder, Chris Capehart, has recently launched his new blog appropriately titled “The Different Ink.” Chris is one of the most passionate people that I know with a genuine care for relationships and appetite for success. I highly recommend that you check out his blog…I know that I’m looking forward to some more posts (Chris…*hint, hint*). And now we’ll be moving along to what’s been on my mind…

Stuck…ever been there? Ever felt it? Well if you’re human like the rest of us, then the chances are that you have been. But breaking through mental barriers and life’s challenges can be accomplished easier with some tools at hand. So when it comes to being creative, I generally like to try 2 different approaches. The 1st of which is to ask the BIG question of…”What if?” Simple…you bet, but powerful when uttered with intent. I’m actually not going to dive into this direction as Chris has actually just written about the subject here.

Now this next approach seems to be neglected and underutilized a little more often than not. (more…)

June 8, 2007


Companies and brands are constantly seeking new ways to grab consumers’ attention in both the on and offline space.  Several years back, ad agencies began to promote the use of “mini sites.”  Many of these sites play off of some form of entertainment, humor, game experience or other form of interactive marketing.  Below are some interesting ones that have gone outside the box from most traditional ad campaigns. is quite the unique mini-site. did an excellent job promoting one of their series with an original title and marketing campaign.  But they didn’t just stop there…the complemented the site with a set of several billboards that went up around the town.  Eye-catching to say the least!  I give them an A+ for a viral campaign on this one. (more…)

(((((((((( surface ))))))))))
June 6, 2007

So if you haven’t had a chance to check out the Microsoft Surface yet…then you definitely need to!  Above is a video of one of the demonstrations…interesting to say the least.  The future of user interfaces seems to be blurring the lines between technology and the human body.  You can also view more clips of the Surface as well as find out further info by clicking HERE.

By Micah Davis

think = P-R-O-C-E-S-S
June 5, 2007


In 1501, the Arte della Lana commissioned Michelangelo to create the now famous statue of David.  About 40 years earlier, another sculptor by the name of Agostino di Duccio had tried to sculpt the same object but to no avail.  When Michelangelo was given the task, he was also given the same block of marble that Agostino had worked on those many years ago.  The story is told that every day for 3 months, the 26 year old Michelangelo stood and stared at the marble block.  He would leave at the end of the workday and return the following morning, repeating the routine to the great puzzlement of onlookers.

“What are you doing?” someone asked.  “I’m working,” the master sculptor replied.  (more…)

The Latest and Greatest, 5.16.07
May 17, 2007

IDEAS…whew, I love ’em!  Why?  Hmmm…to me, it’s what they embody….it’s the excitement of that initial “thought” from which they’re sparked…it’s problem solving in motion…it’s the people behind them who envision innovation where others see only what “is”…it’s (insert 50 other rants here!)…I could go on and on.  Well without further adieu, let’s check out this week’s ideas in the ongoing series of “The Latest and Greatest.”


“As much choice as there may be in the cereal aisle, nothing beats made-to-order, especially if you can mix and match 70 different ingredients. Which is what Mymueslioffers through its online cereal store.

Using a simple and user-friendly interface, customers build their own personal muesli. First, they pick a foundation (oats and other grains), then add fruits, nuts and seeds, and finally extras like organic gummi bears and alfalfa. Prices and quantities are tallied along the way (60 eurocents for 30 grams of chopped almonds, 40 cents for 45 grams of dried apricots, etc), and a 575 gram pack costs around EUR 5-9, depending on which ingredients are used. Shipping is extra.

Customers can name their mix, which is also assigned an ID that’s printed on the muesli box. This makes it super easy to reorder a specific mix, or recommend it to friends. Those who aren’t feeling creative can order one of the German start-up’s personal favourites, like tropical Copacabana Days, or Alte Freunde, a choc and nuts mix. Mymuesli only uses organic ingredients (which helps explain the hefty price tag), and offers exotic fruits like goji berries and sour cherries to spruce up the most important meal of the day. ”

(((((((( check out some more cool ideas )))))))) (more…)

The Growth Mantra
May 9, 2007

“Big does not equal great and great does not equal big.”  – Bo Burlingham 

There’s a common misconception that greatness is proportional to size.  But this statement couldn’t be further from the truth…history has proven this.  Entrepreneurs, managers and leaders often fall prey to this “growth trap.”  After all…growth sounds enticing.  Who doesn’t want to be BIG? 

But at the expense of being great?  Definitely not worth it!  Perhaps we should think about it like this…“First, we must be best…then, we will be first.” (more…)

Business 3.0…The “OLD” Way of Capitalism
May 8, 2007


“One man gives freely and gains even more…another withholds unduly yet comes to poverty.”  – Proverb

12.18, 21.00 and 1.39.  What do these 3 numbers have in common?  They are each the NET PROFIT figures for Wal-Mart, GE and Nike, respectively.  Each represents what drives corporate board rooms, spurs economic growth and is the essence of business.  Yet how does the pursuit of profit fit into the larger picture of society and mankind?

Profit – Purpose = Pointless

Is there such a thing as enough?  When does the next “Nth” thousand or million or whatever seem meaningless and void of a greater good?  Well, I believe that we’re about to see an evolution in business…or should I rather say a reversion to an “old” principle?  Let me explain… (more…)