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Snapshots of a Startup: Hedging Your Bets
August 29, 2007

Mistakes…immediately after the fact, they suck…but in hindsight…they’re some of the best teachers of all time.  To be brutally honest, this post is going to be in direct reference to a mistake that I’ve made in the management of my startup venture.  So without further adieu…lets just cut to the chase.

Several months back, our team and project was thriving, yet there remained one critical piece to the puzzle that needed to be filled.  Actually, there was one more person that we needed to find to work with on the project.  My thinking was to do a ton of research, talk to a ton of people and then see who I would come across.  Upon doing so, I spent time talking to several different individuals and worked hard on filtering down the list to a handful of candidates.  And then I made a major blunder… (more…)


When 3 < 1
August 16, 2007


Black versus White

Could it be? Is there really a time when more can be less? Yes…at least when it comes to results, performance and productivity that is. Bear with me here.

A very talented and experienced software engineer once gave me some advice on the topic of partnering with the right people. In a very simple and to-the-point kind of manner, he told me that one great programmer could do the same amount of work, if not more, than that of three good programmers. So with this example, throwing more people (resources) at a project doesn’t necessarily mean better/faster development (results).

Ever known somebody like that? A person that you knew could handle anything, do it without a team of assistants and still manage to get in done in less time than needed. Moral of the story…while the RIGHT person may require more resources and be more difficult to get on board…in the end, they’ll end up accomplishing more than three other good individuals combined. LESS is MORE…think GREAT, not GOOD.

And this post is not just about people…but about many other areas as well.  MORE money, MORE hardware, MORE marketing…instead, think of the RIGHT solution to your problem, the RIGHT strategy for your target market, the RIGHT approach to your social work.  Case in point, quality > quantity.