…be there.


“Wherever you are…be there.” – Dr. Nasir Siddiki

This post is in direct response to the quote above. The culture of our society today seems to 100% embrace the notion of an “it’s okay…I have A.D.D.” type of mentality. Combine that with the ever-present *multi-task mindset* of the work-a-holic community and there’s no wonder why people have such a hard time staying on track, reaching their goals and fulfilling their dreams.

Ever been somewhere but not really “been there?” You know, your body is there but you’re checked out mentally. Daydreams, sleepiness, fatigue, ideas…whatever the reason may be, it’s easy to go through the motions without being tuned into the environment and/or task at hand.

Well I once heard Dr. Nasir cite the quote from above, “Wherever you are…be there,” and it has struck a chord with me ever since. I’ve often found myself in some situation: working on a project, talking with a friend, doing some research, attending an event…only to realize that I’m only 50% engaged in the moment (that’s if I’m even there at all). About a year ago, I made it a point to observe my own habits and tendencies during certain events of each day and I, stunningly, came to the reality of just how frequently I didn’t give my best to another person or the current endeavor.

So why not? Why not give your full and undivided attention to those that so long for a caring friend? Why not devote your best to the task at hand, irregardless of how minute it may seem? Why not think of an idea for a problem even if the company isn’t yours? Why not…”be there?”

Well, in order to be your best and stay focused…you’ve got to position yourself to be both alert and considerate. One simple tip that may seem to be sort of trivial and irrelevant is…rest…yep, good old rest. A body that is sleep-deprived is often tired…which often leads to fatigue…which often leads to negativity…which often leads to being unproductive, irresponsible and uncompassionate.

Another simple point is to be more “intentional.” In order to *be there* you have to continually remind yourself that it’s of no good (and often to the detriment for that matter) to give less than you’re capable of. In order to create a laser-like focus, you have to be intentional about doing so.

And finally, *being there* requires being selfless. Relationships are at the core of everything we do and when it all boils down to the core…our nature is to value “self” above that of “others.” Many tasks and situations require labor for the benefit of another…and often so without the promise or fulfillment of either recognition and/or monetary gain. Both laziness and selfish ambition are rooted in the desire to look out for one’s own interest prior to that of those around you.

So next time you catch yourself checked out mentally of what it is that your currently doing…under the silence of your breath…whisper to yourself the words…”wherever you are…be there.”

By Micah Davis

2 Responses

  1. Micah, that is HOT!!!

    I wonder what would happen if a group of people got together and decided they would take advantage of every moment, they would be all in all the time, they would look out first for the interest of their brother, they would eat to fuel their bodies instead of being dragged around by every sugary desire, they would engage in physical activity instead of channel surfing, they would wake up without an alarm clock and they would cheer when someone else got the promotion…perhaps this group would know at the end of their life what it is to find the ceiling of ones ability’s, instead of always wondering what if?

    I’m in…

  2. WOW…Matt, you’ve summed it up NICELY! I think that I’m going to have to let your comment marinate for another week or so.

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