Snapshots of a Startup: The Lowest Common Denominator


In the continuation of the Snapshots of a Startup series, I’ve making an effort to simply share some of the lessons/principles/concepts that I’m learning throughout the course of working on my first major startup. Well…it’s been a while now…and I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for quite some time. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to both meet and become friends with many successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and social influencers. Each person has had some great nuggets of insight to share…yet in the experiences of each lies one thread, one reoccurring theme, one common denominator.

One principle has literally set apart the successes from the failures, the peak’s from the valley’s and the IPO’s from the bankruptcies. This one thing has been the decisive element that has taken a great idea all the way from concept to creation and from creation to adoption. When you cut it all down to the core, the essence of what shaped an idea in its rawest form and birthed it into something great, it all comes down to one thing…or so I think (after all, I haven’t had a major success just yet so, in a couple of years, we may all look back and find this post to be premature in nature).

P-E-O-P-L-E. Yep, people. You, me, him, her…we’re all people. Every single day there are millions of people that work with one another or for one another…BUT it’s the *right* people working *together* that can make all of the difference in the world.

Think about it… How many great ideas were once filled with enthusiasm and fueled by passion only to be stifled by some mis-communication that sowed the seeds towards a dysfunctional partnership? How many dreams have been left devoid because a team couldn’t stick it out together when the going got tough? How many causes were left unattended because of an individual’s caving to his/her own selfish pursuits?

Cliche…maybe. Underrated…probably. Powerful…definitely. It’s all about the people!

The *right* people will find solutions to problems. The *right* people will pick up one another during times of struggle. The *right* people will embrace confrontation even when it isn’t the most popular thing to do. The *right* people will go out of their way for the success of the vision. The *right* people will accept failure as a step in the process. The *right* people will persist despite the negativity spoken by others.

And for the record, I’m not talking about CEO’s, VP’s or any Executives for that matter…I’m talking about every person in the organization. So next time you find yourself ready to pursue a major endeavor, take the time necessary to get the right people on the bus…for their value will far exceed that of rubies and gold.

By Micah Davis

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