Companies and brands are constantly seeking new ways to grab consumers’ attention in both the on and offline space.  Several years back, ad agencies began to promote the use of “mini sites.”  Many of these sites play off of some form of entertainment, humor, game experience or other form of interactive marketing.  Below are some interesting ones that have gone outside the box from most traditional ad campaigns. is quite the unique mini-site. did an excellent job promoting one of their series with an original title and marketing campaign.  But they didn’t just stop there…the complemented the site with a set of several billboards that went up around the town.  Eye-catching to say the least!  I give them an A+ for a viral campaign on this one.


Fructis contracted Bureau 347 to spruce up its advertising for its dandruff product.  So at this point you might be wondering…exactly how spruced up can a dandruff ad get?  Well I’ve got to hand it to Fructis and the Bureau 347 team on this one.  They managed to created an interesting mini-site with a innovative user interface for their product.  Check it out and see for yourself.


Volksdragon is a mini-site that was launched by 20th Century Fox to promote the release on DVD of the movie Eragon.  It has the apparent goal of marketing and presenting a new and unusual transportation mean: a dragon. Even if the shapes reminds that of the New Beetle, the dragon is the real (!!) product advertised on the site: it can be customized in colors and also offers a wide selection of optional gadgets.


Splat-the-Mat is a mini-site that promotes a stain and odor resistant automotive floor mat.  Sounds boring, huh?  Normally yes…but in this case…not so much.  You can test the product’s characteristics yourself, by throwing on the mats everything from ketchup to coffee and blueberry pie.  If you feel like, you can even “suggest a spill”, but the end result will not change.

Some of the above sites were mentioned on AdverBlog.

By Micah Davis

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