The Growth Mantra

“Big does not equal great and great does not equal big.”  – Bo Burlingham 

There’s a common misconception that greatness is proportional to size.  But this statement couldn’t be further from the truth…history has proven this.  Entrepreneurs, managers and leaders often fall prey to this “growth trap.”  After all…growth sounds enticing.  Who doesn’t want to be BIG? 

But at the expense of being great?  Definitely not worth it!  Perhaps we should think about it like this…“First, we must be best…then, we will be first.”

The mantra of growth for growth’s sake often distracts from one’s core purpose and leads to a dilution of passion.  “Why,” you say?  Well, getting big requires a lot of work.  It requires you to do things that you probably are very good at although not the best atThings that you’re competent in but that you lack a passion forTasks that lead to a profit albeit being devoid of a purpose.

Reject the growth mantra, live audaciously and strive for greatness.  After all, nobody remembers mediocrity…even despite how large it may have been.

By Micah Davis 

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2 Responses

  1. So your message was a great one to ponder…I guess it goes hand in hand with being faithful in the little things that are given to you in life before you can be trusted with the “larger” responsibilities, which can bring more attention to you-requiring a deeper understanding of your purpose in order to not be sidetracked by attention…thanks for the thought provoking message… 🙂

  2. Brittni…well said, “…requiring a deeper understanding of your purpose.” It’s true, the opportunities are limitless but sometimes opportunities themselves can be the greatest distractions.

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