Business 3.0…The “OLD” Way of Capitalism


“One man gives freely and gains even more…another withholds unduly yet comes to poverty.”  – Proverb

12.18, 21.00 and 1.39.  What do these 3 numbers have in common?  They are each the NET PROFIT figures for Wal-Mart, GE and Nike, respectively.  Each represents what drives corporate board rooms, spurs economic growth and is the essence of business.  Yet how does the pursuit of profit fit into the larger picture of society and mankind?

Profit – Purpose = Pointless

Is there such a thing as enough?  When does the next “Nth” thousand or million or whatever seem meaningless and void of a greater good?  Well, I believe that we’re about to see an evolution in business…or should I rather say a reversion to an “old” principle?  Let me explain…

I believe that the day of the corporate behemoths is about to be overshadowed by a new/old form of business…Business 3.0.  But instead of giving a definition or explaining a sort of model, let me tell a quick story of some living proof.  A for-profit shoe company built on the premise that “every pair of shoes that you buy, we’ll put a pair of shoes on a person in need.”  All of a sudden, my once act of self-gratification now has become a thoughtful and intentional act of charity.  It’s consumerism gone social.

Business 3.0 is a hybrid…a cross between “in the black” and “giving back.”  New?…No.  Profound…Maybe.  Powerful…Yes.  Proverbs mentioned this principle over 2,000 years ago.  I’m curious to see what other businesses/industries apply this principle and garnish both success and significance.

By Micah Davis

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2 Responses

  1. Great post Micah.
    I suppose there is also the Gates way. Build a company worth billions – sell it and start a foundation. I think your business 3.0 has a lot going for it. Developing managers who can maintain the synergy between purpose and profit is a key challenge

  2. Mike…thanks for the comment! Yes, the “Gates way” is definitely one way to do it! And I like how you said it “the synergy between purpose and profit.”

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