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The Easiest Thing in the World To Do Is…
May 27, 2007


…settle.  Yep, to S-E-T-T-L-E.  It’s not to quit, to give up or to cave in…for even each of those require some degree of resistance in the form of an inner disappointment or feeling of defeat.  Yet to settle, one must only choose to do what’s comfortable, easy and acceptable…all while still being able to “justify” to oneself that the task at hand is still being pursued. Here’s how describes the word:  settle: to accept in spite of incomplete satisfaction. (more…)


The “Hollywood” Formula
May 22, 2007

“Every industry has conventional wisdom–ideas that are widely accepted and seldom debated.  In Hollywood, the conventional wisdom is:  Bet on relationships.  You can’t know how a movie will turn out when you green-light it.  So you’re better off trusting people youv’ve worked with before.

But a recent study shows that this seemingly reasonable idea leads some of the biggest names in Hollywood to make mistakes that cost millions of dollars.  And you may be making the same kind of mistake at your workplace. (more…)

The Latest and Greatest, 5.16.07
May 17, 2007

IDEAS…whew, I love ’em!  Why?  Hmmm…to me, it’s what they embody….it’s the excitement of that initial “thought” from which they’re sparked…it’s problem solving in motion…it’s the people behind them who envision innovation where others see only what “is”…it’s (insert 50 other rants here!)…I could go on and on.  Well without further adieu, let’s check out this week’s ideas in the ongoing series of “The Latest and Greatest.”


“As much choice as there may be in the cereal aisle, nothing beats made-to-order, especially if you can mix and match 70 different ingredients. Which is what Mymueslioffers through its online cereal store.

Using a simple and user-friendly interface, customers build their own personal muesli. First, they pick a foundation (oats and other grains), then add fruits, nuts and seeds, and finally extras like organic gummi bears and alfalfa. Prices and quantities are tallied along the way (60 eurocents for 30 grams of chopped almonds, 40 cents for 45 grams of dried apricots, etc), and a 575 gram pack costs around EUR 5-9, depending on which ingredients are used. Shipping is extra.

Customers can name their mix, which is also assigned an ID that’s printed on the muesli box. This makes it super easy to reorder a specific mix, or recommend it to friends. Those who aren’t feeling creative can order one of the German start-up’s personal favourites, like tropical Copacabana Days, or Alte Freunde, a choc and nuts mix. Mymuesli only uses organic ingredients (which helps explain the hefty price tag), and offers exotic fruits like goji berries and sour cherries to spruce up the most important meal of the day. ”

(((((((( check out some more cool ideas )))))))) (more…)

The Growth Mantra
May 9, 2007

“Big does not equal great and great does not equal big.”  – Bo Burlingham 

There’s a common misconception that greatness is proportional to size.  But this statement couldn’t be further from the truth…history has proven this.  Entrepreneurs, managers and leaders often fall prey to this “growth trap.”  After all…growth sounds enticing.  Who doesn’t want to be BIG? 

But at the expense of being great?  Definitely not worth it!  Perhaps we should think about it like this…“First, we must be best…then, we will be first.” (more…)

Business 3.0…The “OLD” Way of Capitalism
May 8, 2007


“One man gives freely and gains even more…another withholds unduly yet comes to poverty.”  – Proverb

12.18, 21.00 and 1.39.  What do these 3 numbers have in common?  They are each the NET PROFIT figures for Wal-Mart, GE and Nike, respectively.  Each represents what drives corporate board rooms, spurs economic growth and is the essence of business.  Yet how does the pursuit of profit fit into the larger picture of society and mankind?

Profit – Purpose = Pointless

Is there such a thing as enough?  When does the next “Nth” thousand or million or whatever seem meaningless and void of a greater good?  Well, I believe that we’re about to see an evolution in business…or should I rather say a reversion to an “old” principle?  Let me explain… (more…)