Don’t Ever Start Your Day in Neutral


“Today was once the future from which you expected so much in the past.”  – John Mason

There is no time like the present.  There couldn’t be a better opportunity than what today holds.  None of us are promised tomorrow.  Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook many days in anticipation of some other upcoming event, goal, milestone, etc…

Ever viewed life as “I’m at point A trying to get to point B” approach in this thing called life?  Yep…been there, done that.  BUT if we go about each day living in that fashion…we will severely miss out on the greatest part of all…the process.

There’s truth in the cliche, “Life is a journey…not a destination.”  While the glamour may lie in the on-stage performance, it’s the day-to-day, hard work, grinding it out type of effort that develops the character and wherewithal to achieve personal growth.

Don’t overlook times like those for they are the stepping stones to success…the foundation upon which we build our lives.  And despite what the media portrays, success is a daily process.  Live each day with a passion for people, with a positive attitude in mind and with a genuine purpose at heart.  Don’t ever start your day in neutral!

By Micah Davis

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2 Responses

  1. Micah, thank you for your all of your inspiring and motivating blogs. There’s no doubt in my mind that you are living a successful life, daily. I’m so proud to have met you and consider you a friend. I look forward to hearing, reading, and seeing you succeed. Hopefully you can turn these blogs into a book one day and reach an even larger audience.

    Too blessed to be stressed,
    Romano D. Muniz

  2. Romano…thanks for the kind words! I’m simply going through this process myself and am having to both learn and apply many principles. Figured that I might as well share them with others along the journey. Hope you’re doing well!

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