Intensity vs. Diversity

“Floods and Rivers are both bodies of water.  Floods damage…Rivers are useful in many ways.  The difference?  Focus.  Leaders must channel people, time and money toward one focused vision.”

The above is a passage from “Habitudes,” a book by Dr. Tim Elmore.  Tim makes an excellent point regarding a common myth in both leadership and the marketplace.  A bigger manufacturing plant, more employees, a larger infrastructure, extra management…all are signs of growth…right?  But does growth = progress?  What about profits?  Or how about rapport? 

While all of these things may at 1st sound like positives…they may turn out to have some adverse effects.  It’s easy to do many things good but difficult to do one thing great.  The world will never remember average…it’s greatness that makes an impact and leaves a legacy.

 So I’ll pose the question, “Why spread wider when you can dig deeper?”

Opportunities are limitless…however our resources our finite.  We’re continually forced to make decisions that will influence our character and/or contribute to the bottom line.  What will generate the highest rate of return?  New ideas are exciting but they can also be distractions…distractions that can deter one’s focus away from their core competencies. 

Don’t spread your peanut butter too thin…FOCUS on being GREAT!

Just some “Food Forethought.”

By Micah Davis

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2 Responses

  1. Micah, I would recommend not spreading peanut butter at all if it hydrogenated. Hydrogenation may improve shelf life but it also increases your chances of coronary artery disease. Not to mention all the mental problems associated with trans fats. So what is a company to do? It’s funny food manufactures hydrogenate food items to increase shelf life and make more money but in the process they are increasing the mortality of their clientele, hence decreasing the number people buying their product. Weird business philosphopy…The conclusion, eat almond butter…blog on cowboy!

  2. LOL…excellent insights from the master himself! Hmmmm…this shed’s new light into Skippy’s business model…what have those execs been thinking?!?!

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