The Latest and Greatest, 4.3.07

This week’s edition of The Latest and Greatest will feature some startups that are definitely worth a 2nd look.  From practical tools to cool applications…each is useful and could end up being successful.

Jaxtr is a cool servicee that lets users connect via phone from their social networking profiles.  For instance, users place a widget on their MySpace profile….another user places their # in the widget and hits “call.”  It rings the “caller’s” phone 1st and then the person that is trying to be reached.  Users also have the option to send a text message through the widget as well.  This is  a cool little service that is both free, useful and fun.


TripConnect is a website that allows people to get travel advice from the people they know as well as from others who share similar interests.  It has all of the core social networking features where users can create a profile, join groups and message one another.  The best element is the “peer reviews” feature of the site where users rank their top destinations.  Most travel sites have reviews by people that a user has no relationship with…the value in TripConnect is basing these reviews and recommendations around trusted relationships.  If you’re a frequent and/or aspiring traveler…this site is definitely for you.

On a side note, founder Isaac Sacolick is a cordial fellow who writes an excellent blog that provides insights from and advice for CTO’s…you can view it HERE.


2ReCall is a service that lets you record any outgoing phone call….all you have to do is 1st dial through an 800 number.  Recorded calls are stored online in both .wav and .mp3 formats where users can download, review and keep notes on them.   For 500 mb in storage, the service costs roughly $5 a month plus $.20 a minute to use it (this is the basic package). 

All of the legal issues are covered in the FAQ section on their website.  This service could come in very handy for people that are always on the go, do a good amount of conference calls, are journalists or simply want to “wiretap” some conversations.  Sometime down the road the company plans on enabling the recording of inbound calls as well.

ScrapBlog…the function is pretty much “self-explanatory”…it’s a website that enables users to create some awesome online scrapbooks.  Simply upload your photos and choose from a myriad of templates and grahpics to create your very own online, creative scrapbook.  The service is free and definitely one worth taking a look at.


Inkling Markets is a site where a question is posed by you or anyone else on the public Inkling marketplace or in your own private, secure, marketplace. For example, “Who will win the Super Bowl?” or “What will the price of Soy Beans be in June?” The possible answers are represented as stocks. You can buy and sell shares in these stocks to express your opinion on what you think is going to happen. The stock price either represents the probability of an event occurring or an actual value. Buy shares if you think the probability or value should be higher, sell shares if you think it should be lower.

Besides predictions, Inkling Markets can also be used as a crowd-driven filter for ideas, product features, or anything else you are trying to compare.

By Micah Davis

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  1. I always love the latest and greatest…Im going to start recording our calls..!!!

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