The Latest and Greatest, 3.8.07


In this week’s edition of The Latest and Greatest, Food Forethought continues to provide info on some innovative and interesting companies in the startup webspace.

71 Miles

71Miles:  Most travel sites focus on far-away and exotic vacations/trips, yet the majority of people’s vacations are geared towards short, weekend getaways to places only a couple of hours away from their city.  The site is designed to help people find excellent travel that’s in “their very own backyard.”  It’s an interesting idea and one worthy of further attention because of its highly focused niche.

Buxfer is an excellent online money-management tool that reports both your personal and shared expenses, keeps track of who owes you money and monitors how your money is being spent.  All of this is done in a very sleek interface with appealing graphs.  I think that 2 features in particular standout.  

  1. You can create groups to track shared expenses (which if you’ve ever thrown a joint-party, worked on a group project or started a business partnership…you know will come in very handy).
  2. You can post your expenses real-time via your cell phone (that way you don’t have to worry about going home late at night to log all of your receipts or even forgetting to do so).

Couchville is a great little resource that lists what’s on TV in your area…essentially an online TV guide.  All you have to do is punch in your zip code and cable/satellite provider and then a guide will appear on the screen.  It’s interface is similiar to Google’s Maps in that you can drag across the screen to view other listings and other time frames.

WipBox is a tool for eBay and Amazon sellers that enables them to create better, richer listings because it does all of the research for you.  Ever tried to sell an item online but unsure of how much to price it for or how to list it?  Let WipBox do the work for you!   Users can learn which categories and for how much they should list items based on each product’s basic info. The site shows high, low and average prices for items as well as concentration of like items in categories on eBay.

Spendamillion is a cool and creative site where you see how you would spend a million dollars.  The site has all kinds of categories from automobiles to vacations to entertainment to housing where you can see actual prices of specific items.  It’s a really fun thing to do whenever you have some free time on your hands.

By Micah Davis

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