Seize Your “Someday”

“Your future is a portrait painted by the brush of your present actions.” 

One of the saddest things on the planet is untapped potential.  Sadly enough, the ability to be great often goes underdeveloped and even unrealized. 

  • “One of these days I’m going to…”  
  • After a few years as partner, I’ll take the risk of…” 
  • Once I have a comfortable nest egg saved I’ll finally…”

Just what is it that stifles the mojo of so many “would be” entrepreneurs and leaders?  How has complacency been allowed to cripple the dreams of visionaries across the globe?

Is it a fear of change, risk, uncertainty or failure?  There seems to be a natural inclination deeply embedded within human nature to put off the pursuit of one’s endeavors to a time when it will seem to be a better fit and more comfortable to do.  Time eventually takes its toll by paralyzing the once passion that lay within.  Case in point…the grass is never greener on the other side.

That which we act upon we will become.  Today is the day to SEIZE YOUR “SOMEDAY.”  Wait no more, rise to the occasion, risk failure daily and dare to live a life that defies the norm.  After all, we only get one shot at this thing called life…might as well go BIG.

By Micah Davis

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