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(((((((((( creativity ))))))))))
March 29, 2007


“Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.”

Simply put…life (and business) is more fun when you add a little bit of creativity.  Those of you that have been reading Food Forethought know how much I enjoy creative pictures.  With that being said…let’s take a look at some examples in the world of advertising…

1.  An ad for hip hop that makes the common bench visitor appear to have an afro.


2.  The innovative and rapidly growing satellite church,, plays off the God billboards with their own versions by quoting Satan.  Controversial and eye catching to say the least!


Check out some more amazing pics…….



Litigation, Innovation & Frustration!
March 28, 2007

Ever had an idea on how to improve a company’s service/product?  Ever wondered why it hasn’t been acted on yet?  Ever wonder why some companies sue others out of fear that their company will lose business?

To me…the whole “litigate instead of innovate” thing is just frustrating!  Many once-prominent companies hold fast to the legal system to protect them from competitors rather than innovating and embracing new mediums of change. (more…)

The Distance Between 0.00 & 0.01
March 23, 2007

A couple weeks back, VC Josh Kopelman wrote an excellent post titled “The Penny Gap,” where he discussed the difference between a free and paid-for business model.  I highly recommend this post to any entrepreneur in the web space as it sheds some real perspective into the minds of consumers.

Josh starts out by talking about the common misconception of how getting users to pay the 1st $1 is the same as getting them to pay the next $1 (difference between $1 – $2). (more…)

Continually Reinventing Yourself
March 19, 2007

We’ve all heard the saying that change is the only thing constant.  Well there’s a lot of truth in the statement…in fact, embracing change is paramount to becoming successful in life, leadership and business.

A couple years ago, a very intelligent executive talked to me about the importance of continually reiventing yourself.  He explained how learning is a lifestyle and not just an education, how being flexible in the marketplace gives you an edge, and that staying in neutral (aka not trying to improve) is actually sliding backwards rather than staying still. (more…)

Success is…???
March 14, 2007


Success means many things to many people.  What does it mean to you?  How do you define it?  To some it means financial wealth, to some the achievment of a goal and still to others a claim to fame.  There’s no right answer…no one answer.  But after thinking for a little bit on the subject, I’ve decided to list some of the top definitions on what others, as well as I, have found it to be.

10.  The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted.

9.  An ongoing realization and obtainment of worthy desired results, concerning actions, life, business, wealth, or a worthy ideal.

8.  Success is largely about keeping your promises. (more…)

Snapshots of a Startup: The “Litmus Test”
March 12, 2007


This is the 2nd post in the series “Snapshots of a Startup” where I’ll be sharing some personal experiences and lessons learned from the process of pursuing my 1st big venture. 

Before we dove head over heels into our idea, my partners and I did quite a lot of research and due diligence on the niche/market/competition.  But several months down the road, a couple of competing startups began to pop up in the space.  To be honest, our first reactions were those of…discouragement, frustration and a little bit of worry. (more…)

The Latest and Greatest, 3.8.07
March 8, 2007


In this week’s edition of The Latest and Greatest, Food Forethought continues to provide info on some innovative and interesting companies in the startup webspace.

71 Miles

71Miles:  Most travel sites focus on far-away and exotic vacations/trips, yet the majority of people’s vacations are geared towards short, weekend getaways to places only a couple of hours away from their city.  The site is designed to help people find excellent travel that’s in “their very own backyard.”  It’s an interesting idea and one worthy of further attention because of its highly focused niche. (more…)

Seize Your “Someday”
March 7, 2007

“Your future is a portrait painted by the brush of your present actions.” 

One of the saddest things on the planet is untapped potential.  Sadly enough, the ability to be great often goes underdeveloped and even unrealized. 

  • “One of these days I’m going to…”  
  • After a few years as partner, I’ll take the risk of…” 
  • Once I have a comfortable nest egg saved I’ll finally…”

Just what is it that stifles the mojo of so many “would be” entrepreneurs and leaders?  How has complacency been allowed to cripple the dreams of visionaries across the globe? (more…)

Snapshots of a Startup: Purpose and Vision
March 5, 2007


I got a message from one of my new found friends the other day, Mike (the founder of IdeaWhip) recommending that I start writing about some of my experiences and lessons that I’ve learned…wait, am learnING…while in the process of launching my 1st startup/business/dream.

Well I’ve decided to take him up on the idea as I’ll be posting these thoughts in a series entitled:  “Snapshots of a Startup.”  My aim is to share a “snapshot” of an experience by detailing out the situation I faced, the thoughts I had, the challenges that were present, my course of action and, finally, the reflection back on the lesson I learned.  So without further adieu…let’s get started… (more…)

Fall Down 7 Times…Get Up 8
March 2, 2007


“Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely, and the likely definite.”

Sometimes you feel like you just can’t take it anymore…you’re worn out, your’re beat down, you’re dead beat and you’ve had enough.  Tired, impatient, unsure, unsuccessful, pessimistic…those feelings always seem to creep in when things don’t go according to our plans.  But what if we could only see how close we really are.  If we could only peek around that next bend and see, oh and see that success awaits us. (more…)