Ideas Are Worthless Unless Acted Upon


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

Exciting, powerful, invigorating, innovative, stimulating, enthusiastic, spirited and full of passion…ideas are all of these.  Yes, but they’re also one other thing….they’re “a dime a dozen.”

Occasionally I come across some very compelling and insightful blog posts…ones that hold weight beyond the trivial.  Well there are a few that I would like to share because of how “spot on” I have found them to be.

  1. You Ain’t Gonna Learn What You Don’t Want to Do:  Andy Monfried has written an excellent post titled, “My 1st Game Changing Deal.”  He discusses how we went to work in a stuggling sector of a young internet startup.  His very own manager and co-workers said that success was unattainable, let alone even mediocre results.  But Andy didn’t let his circumstances or the people surrounding him dictate his ambitions and actions.  He went on to master the power of relationships and use the opportunity (yes…the opportunity) to catapult his career/life into an upward spiral of success.  I highly recommend that you take the time to read his post.
  2. I Connect Dots:  Steve Borsch talks about how only 5 – 10% of ideas are actually acted upon…let alone become successful.  He goes on to further discuss why some make it and some don’t.  This particular quote of his sums it up so well, “One of the reasons most people don’t act upon ideas is that the idea doesn’t match their passion, value or purpose.”
  3. Like It Matters:  Brain Oberkirch writes about the commonality of ideas in that they are “just like a$$holes because everybody has one.”  His post, “NDA = Not Doing Anything,” is another great one about how to move from concept to creation.

And on a side note, Food Forethought just reached it’s 1,000th visit the other day.  Not much of a milestone but a milestone nonetheless.  Thanks to you, the audience, and may you continue to find these musings to be both valuable and thought provoking.

By Micah Davis

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3 Responses

  1. So true, Micah. Many people have great ideas, which are inspired by an influencial person, a catchy quote, or an idea, but what is done with the idea determines the outcome.
    To make a difference and to see the idea come to pass, it is crucial that there be a next step–to follow through with the idea and to make it a reality. I believe that this is where a person could lose their momentum because they see their vision but they do not pursue it.
    I always think back on my mom’s life. She was a single-parent for 6-7 years. During that time, she had jobs that got the bills paid, but did not inspire her to do more. When she heard about the world of real estate, her life was changed. The job requires a great personality, people skills, and an understanding of money and sales. She not only became a trustful real estate agent, but she became the broker–it was the next step after being an agent. She saw something within herself, knowing that she could make a difference, and she took that idea to the next level. Now, she is works for herself, helps others find a home, and the job allows her to give to others. It’s amazing of what one expanded idea can do.

  2. Sharah,

    That is both an excellent and motivational example of somebody that has put action behind the concept. Thanks for sharing it!


  3. […] I’ve said before, ideas are worthless unless acted upon…but even once they have been acted upon…it’s innovation and, more importantly, […]

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