“Follow me…I’m right behind you.”

People often try to lead but fail to live their own life as an example…it just doesn’t work unless you back up your words with actions.  I mean…who really wants a chef that doesn’t even eat his own cooking?  It’s simple…practice what you preach.

As the old saying goes, “He that thinketh he is leading and hath no one following him, is only taking a walk.”

There are many misconceptions about being a leader.  What it all boils down to though is:  lifestyle = leadership.  And those that think that you can successfully lead without caring for others have definitely missed the mark. 

Sure, some make it to the top by themselves but who wants to be up there all alone?  Not only would the top be so much more enjoyable had they had a genuine interest in the lives of others, but the journey along the way would have equally rewarding as well.

“1 is too small of a number to achieve greatness.”

So the choice is ours…do we want success or significance?  I challenge you to pour yourself into the lives of others and seek for ways to add value to their lives .   See if they don’t turn right around and pour their lives, efforts and abilities back into your very own endeavors. Titles, Position, Power, People…that’s what leadership is all about.

Just some “Food Forethought.”

By Micah Davis

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One Response

  1. Micah D, you are bringing it. That is the Truth! Sucess is forgotten because it crawls into the grave with #1. Significance, ya that is what I want. Who was the first millionare? Ya, that’s what I thought. Who led the Israelites out of Egypt? Moses. Now were talking significance.

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