Genius…born or become?


“If I had 8 hours to cut down a tree, I’d sharpen my axe for 6.” – Abraham Lincoln

We often hear about how a person was born a genius.  Are some people gifted with talents that others are not offered except by mere chance?  What about some of the greatest business opportunities ever to be accomplished?  Have these billion dollar blue chips been built on the backs of prodigies alone?

Now I want to acknowledge a difference between talent and genius.  There are people born with great talents…case in point, Michael Jordan.  But are a person’s genes and natural abilities the deciding factors in their journey to succeed?

While some people do have special skillsets, the answer is that we all have the ability to compete on a level playing field…if we decide to, that is.  Just as the saying goes, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity,”  so I think that genius can be developed over time.

Ever seen an interview by a so-called expert on a subject, well…that person wasn’t just born that way.  We only see the glamorous side of their performance, when they receive their recognition.  But that’s only a small fraction of their efforts.  What we don’t see is the 95% of time that is spent on learning, practicing and cultivating their aptitude.

Long story short…you can be a genius.  It just takes preparation…of course with a little bit of discipline as well.  It’s time to shed the shackles of mediocrity and embrace your genius…live audaciously.  When asked about how to become first, a wise man once said, “First we will be best…then, we will be first.”   Start preparing yourself to be the best.

By Micah Davis

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