The Day I Made My 1,000th Mistake


It just happened…and oh what a glorious day it was…the day I made my 1,000th mistake.  Matter of fact, I’m already looking forward to the day that I make my next, the 1,001th!  Puzzled…well, don’t be.  Let me explain.

The path to success is traveled first by learning, then by gaining understanding and, finally, acquiring wisdom.  From there action is taken and results achieved.  The most common form of going from learning to wisdom is through personal experience.  But…there’s a much more efficient, intelligent and faster way…a sort of shortcut per se…yet it’s often less utilized.

But what exactly does this whole “shortcut to success” thing have to do with making your 1,000th mistake? 

It has everything to do with it…actually that is it…well, almost.  A wise man once said that one of the smartest things to do in life is to learn vicariously through the mistakes of others.  We either learn from history or we’re doomed to repeat it.  While both mistakes and successes make for great teachers, why not learn from those that others have already made?  Why not tap into others’ hindsight? 

So learning can come from 2 sources:  (1) mistakes and (2) mentors. 

If you’re an aspiring corporate leader, reach out to an executive and ask questions about their encounters.  Think about what they tell you and visualize it as if you experienced it your very self…as if you had made the decision.  As time goes by, these nuggets will prove to be very valuable…guaranteed.  Whether it be in time, money or relationships…the lessons learned will provide a wealth of future dividends.

Just some “Food Forethought.”

On a side note, Food Forethought was recently chosen as the blog of the day on  Thank you Kevin for the recognition!

By Micah Davis

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, amazing blog! Micah, you’re a man full of wisdom. I need to bookmark this spot.

  2. My thoughts were a little hungry, so I stopped by for some food…and now I am full…very nice addition to the blogosphere!!

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