The Latest and Greatest, Vol. 2

Last month I introduced a new series on FoodForethought, “The Latest and Greatest,” where I highlight some up and coming new startups on the web.  Feel free to chime in and suggest any others that you may find of interest. Buttons of Hope

Buttons of Hope is a company that is changing the face of fundraising…or better said, putting a face on it.  The company makes buttons for fundraising and in so doing, helps to create a connection between a person and a cause.  CEO Michael Gibbons is a quite cordial and passionate guy, as well as a new found friend of mine in the “blogosphere.”  I would encourage you to check out his site and spread the word about Buttons of Hope to anyone that you think it may be of assistance to.


Bubbl is a cool site that helps people brainstorm by creating “mind-maps.”  It’s an excellent way to lay out your thoughts and get the creative juices flowing.  You can save your brainstorming sessions and refer back to them later.  Overall, the site is intuitive and fun to use.

Crystal Xcelsius is a really neat piece of software that transforms any type of data into engaging presentations.  Both students and business professionals should find this tool useful as it blows away the “old” way of doing powerpoint presentations.  Check out the demo and see for yourself.


Go2Web2.0 is a flash site that provides a quick overview to all of the emerging startups labeled “web 2.0.”  It’s easy to navigate and a good tool to discover some new websites/applications that you may not have known about.


And last but not least, YouTube has a page where visitors can vote for the best commercial of last night’s Super Bowl.  While I did not see them all, I would say the the Bud Light “slap” and CareerBuilder ones were pretty funny.  You can view them here.

By Micah Davis

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  1. Micah, my friend you “make me want to be a better person(blogger)”! Thanks for the shout out! I gotta tell you your blog is distinctive for its simplicity and compelling thoughts. Thanks again for the honor!

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