The Reciprocity of Generosity


“Relationships are all there is.  Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else.  Nothing exists in isolation.  We have to stop pretending that we are individuals that can go it alone.”  – Margaret Wheatley

Light and Dark.  Gravity and Lift.  Cause and Effect. 

Science has provided man with a means to understand and quantify many of the laws that exist in nature.  But the buck doesn’t stop there….there are other laws too, ones that govern relationships and operate in the realm in which we cannot see.  If you put them in action, you’ll discover that they’re just as powerful, yet, unfortunately, they tend to lie dormant often being neglected in our everyday lives.

I would like to touch on 1 particularly potent act…generosity.  It’s a simple action that when done with sincerity of heart, bears great fruit.  It starts with a genuine concern for the lives of other people.

When’s the last time you’ve gone out of your way to reach out to somebody, pour into someone else’s life or made it a point to add value to someone else’s goals?

Here’s where it gets interesting…simply put, what goes around comes back around.  Being cordial to others will reciprocate in others being kind to you.  The key is that you have to initiate the act and be intentional about it.  Here’s why…

It’s easy to turn around and give once you have received, show love once love has been shown or offer help when somebody has helped you.  Reason being…it’s deserved.  It can almost feel like an obligation.  I pose the question…”Why wait ’till then?”  Why not give 1st…for no other reason than a real act of benevolence.

I guarantee that it will impact the lives of others and come back to you in many ways.  Maybe not immediately, but you will reap the fruit of the seeds sown.  Friends, customers, vendors, employees…try it on for size and see what kind of a difference showing generosity can make.  We’re all blessed…why not be a blessing?

 By Micah Davis

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2 Responses

  1. I agree with you.

  2. my friend Micah continues to get it right eloquently…(read more)

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