The Next Big Thing… “Common Sense”


At what moment in history, what point in time, what rotation on the earth’s axis, did people just decide they no longer needed to use common sense?  Yep…gool ‘ol common sense.  Maybe in our attempt to be more professional, more cutting edge and more extreme we somehow became more complex.  Sometimes the thing that we’ve been searching for all along has been there all along…right in front of us.

Treat others the way you would want to be treated.  Conduct your business in the way you’d want others to do business with you.  Be the boss you wish you always had.  There’s something to be said for these old maxims.  KISS…keep it simple, silly.

A major skillset in life is problem solving…and sometimes all it takes to solve a problem is some common sense.  Now this is not to be confused with following “conventional wisdom,” which is more often than not…not wisdom, yet rather this is dealing with how to simplify many dilemmas.  This couldn’t hold more truth then when applied in the context of relationships.  Follow the golden rule.  Try it on for size and see if it doesn’t make your business and/or life run much smoother.  It’s time we put the “common” back in common sense.

 By Micah Davis

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  1. micah simple words, profound ideas! You would make Seth Godin proud!

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