The Most Underrated Attribute of Leadership


Over the years I’ve gone to quite a few conferences about and read quite a few books on Leadership.  So just what is it that makes a leader?  What inspires this distinguishing trait?  Is it the mere delegation of authority through the form of a title?  Are some people at a disadvantage when it comes to being a leader?  Does physical stature or appearance measure the ability of one’s leadership?  How about courage, character and committment…these are all things that I’ve heard make a good leader…and don’t get me wrong, they do.  But there’s something else that strikes me as the core ingredient…something that always seems to be a common denominator, yet I rarely (if ever) hear anybody talk about it, let alone see any new bestselling books on the subject.

It’s something that is no respecter of persons…it freely gives equal opportunity to anyone and everyone.  Almost every successful person has acted on it and those that haven’t are the exception rather than the rule. 

 It’s initiative.  That’s all…just plain, old fashioned initiative.

 How come it’s so overlooked by so many people?  Well…it’s not by chance…there are reasons why.  There are corresponding actions and effects that come along with stepping out and taking action.  Dream big and live now.  Take the initiative and see for yourself.

By Micah Davis

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4 Responses

  1. Micah — I know you are new to this so juts in case — great post you are eloquent, precise and sharp! I love reading your blog and and as Bono said “every poet is a thief” — I am gonna try like hekc to steal some of your style! Nice job

  2. Hi


  3. […] step* that stifles the dreamers, and this next step is where dreamers develop into visionaries. Initiative, Passion, Thinking…yes, yes and yes…they’re all very vital, but I’d like to […]

  4. 1st Habits says: Be Proactive. Pretty much the same thing, yes?

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