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I’ve decided to add a new element to Food Forethought where I’ll occasionally feature some cool new websites/startups/services that are interesting.  As always, feel free to comment on them and suggest potential candidates.


New Jersey based CellSwapper is a cool service that came at just the right time. The site, which calls itself “the eBay of cell phone contracts” takes advantage of the fact that all U.S. cell phone carriers have clauses in their contracts that allow users to get out early, without the early termination fee that can range up to $250 per phone, just by transferring your account to someone else.

Of course, finding someone else to take over your cell phone contract isn’t easy, and that’s where CellSwapper comes in. The recipient avoids activation charges on a new account of $40 or so, and often the transferring party gives extra incentives. In going through the listings, there are many offers of giving away the phone with the contract, and/or a cash incentive as well.

Info via TechCrunch.


LikeBetter – An online personality test game, where you look at two photos and choose which one you “Like Better”. After a few responses, Like Better makes some guesses about your personality, ranging from political preferences to your income bracket.

Info via TechCrunch.

Remote Control Mail 

Kirkland, Washington based company Document Command Inc. has launched its consumer facing web interface for postal mail called Remote Control Mail. The service provides an alternative to PO Boxes, mail forwarding or waiting until you get home from the road to deal with your mail. The company receives your postal mail, scans the outside of what’s sent to you and provides a web interface to quickly sort through letters, bills, magazines and direct mailings. It looks like a lot of fun and very useful for some people.

Users of the service are able to quickly view the front of anything sent to them and choose between having the items shredded, recycled, archived, opened and scanned or forwarded to wherever they are in the physical world. Future features may include the ability to deposit checks to your bank account and automatically apply signatures to documents with just a few clicks.

Info via TechCrunch.

By Micah Davis

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