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The Next Big Thing… “Common Sense”
January 29, 2007


At what moment in history, what point in time, what rotation on the earth’s axis, did people just decide they no longer needed to use common sense?  Yep…gool ‘ol common sense.  Maybe in our attempt to be more professional, more cutting edge and more extreme we somehow became more complex.  Sometimes the thing that we’ve been searching for all along has been there all along…right in front of us. (more…)


The Most Underrated Attribute of Leadership
January 26, 2007


Over the years I’ve gone to quite a few conferences about and read quite a few books on Leadership.  So just what is it that makes a leader?  What inspires this distinguishing trait?  Is it the mere delegation of authority through the form of a title?  Are some people at a disadvantage when it comes to being a leader?  Does physical stature or appearance measure the ability of one’s leadership?  (more…)

Words Are Things
January 22, 2007


Lately I’ve been thinking about the power of words.  About how they are not just meaningless utterance yet rather they hold more significant value in that they are things…yes, the spoken word is a thing as it yields a result that directly reflects the word itself. (more…)

The Latest and Greatest
January 11, 2007

I’ve decided to add a new element to Food Forethought where I’ll occasionally feature some cool new websites/startups/services that are interesting.  As always, feel free to comment on them and suggest potential candidates.


“As a Man Thinketh”
January 9, 2007


I recently re-read the James Allen classic As A Man Thinketh.  It is one of the most intelligent and inspiring books that I’ve read.  I’ve decided to highlight a couple of musings from it…I hope you find them to be both valuable and thought provoking. (more…)