Things That Have Caught My Eye


 Each day I make it a point to read several blogs by individuals whom I find particularly knowledgeable/interesting on topics such as life, technology and business.  Many of these individuals are noteworthy because of their past experiences and credentials ranging from former CEO’s and investors to marketers and entrepreneurs.  Learning should continue on throughout one’s life far beyond a college degree.  That being said, a couple of recent blog posts have caught my eye and I figured that I’d pass them along your way.

  1. The 1st is a post by Evan Williams titled “Knowing When to Hold ‘Em.”  Evan co-founded Blogger (which was acquired by Google a while back) and is now the CEO and founder of Obvious Corp, a small entrepreneurial web development company.  I find his writings to be very insightful and candid.  In his post, Evan looks at several start-ups that were acquired and poses the “what if” question of whether or not they should have stayed solo.  While many entrepreneurs dream of being bought out by a major player, Evan wonders whether or not they exited too soon.  Case in point…an intriguing article.
  2. And 2nd, software developer Mike Taber wrote an excellent entry on why you should do what you love regardless of the almighty dollar in “For Love or Money.”  Not only is Mike’s post dead on about pursuing your passion but it’s actually quite comical (I know what you must be thinking…”Micah…there’s no way a software developer’s writing can be funny?”…hey c’mon, trust me and see for yourself 🙂 ) 

I trust that you will find each post to be both interesting and thought provoking.  Sorry for the absence in my blogging…I’ll be looking to step it up a bit here now so keep an eye out.

By:  Micah Davis

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