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Things That Have Caught My Eye
November 29, 2006


 Each day I make it a point to read several blogs by individuals whom I find particularly knowledgeable/interesting on topics such as life, technology and business.  Many of these individuals are noteworthy because of their past experiences and credentials ranging from former CEO’s and investors to marketers and entrepreneurs.  Learning should continue on throughout one’s life far beyond a college degree.  That being said, a couple of recent blog posts have caught my eye and I figured that I’d pass them along your way. (more…)


Mental Models (part 2): Derivatives
November 4, 2006

Continuing in our discussion on Mental Models, today I will address the valuable proposition of thinking in Derivatives.   No no no…I’m not going to devle into some deep and boring area of mathematics.  It’s just an analogy.  Let me illustrate.

First, an “event” takes place.  From that event a cause and effect can normally be attributed.  The event is obvious and apparent to the general public (i.e.- some form of news), but not everyone is always aware of the cause and effect as these may require some additional form of investigative thought.  But the ball doesn’t stop there.  Beyond the realm of cause and effect there lies yet another dimension…one that 99% of the masses don’t perceive.   Hold on…we’re going somewhere…I promise. (more…)