What moves you?


Each morning that you wake up…what do you do to move in line with your purpose? Your dreams, passion, ideas, mission, goals, potential, profit, faith, beliefs, aspirations or objectives.

And then they come…by the truckloads…yep, that’s right…thoughts of negativity.

Doubt, Procrastination, Fear, Competition, Discomfort, Risk, yada yada yada…

Simply put…IT’S TIME. It’s time to live your dreams, pursue your passion, unleash your ideas, undertake your mission, achieve your goals, unlock your potential, capture your profit, let loose your faith, sharpen your beliefs, challenge your aspirations and realize your objectives. It’s a journey…

“Everyone is going somewhere in life, but few are going somewhere on purpose.”

By:  Micah Davis

One Response

  1. So true. I’m tired of living with that negativity. I believe that today is the day to truly live, take calculated risks, and make my thoughts a reality. Thanks for the encouragement!

    Infused for more,
    Romano D. Muniz

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