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Mental Models (part 1): Forward…AND…Backward
October 28, 2006

The great algebraist Carl Jacobi once said, “Invert.  Always invert.”

I’ve been thinking a lot on the concept of visioneering lately, not just on the blog but also with some big decisions that I am facing.  I thought that I would share a mental model that I’ve learned to be very useful.  It’s the process of thinking through scenarios both forward AND backward.  Let me explain. (more…)


The Mind’s Eye
October 24, 2006

 “Opportunities are not seen with the eye yet rather they are seen with the mind.”

Back when I was in school, a professor of mine taught me about seeing things/life through what he called the “mind’s eye.”  Over the past couple of months I’ve been learning to do this more and more.  All (well most) opportunities are not seen with the eye yet rather with the mind.  Think about it.  MP3 players already existed but Steve Jobs envisioned something different with the iPod.  Microsoft and Yahoo had a near oligopoly on search until Larry Page and Sergey Brin birthed Google.  Cancer seemed like a life-threatening disease until Lance Armstrong used it to propel him to the pinnacle of cycling.  And…dare I say…user generated content will be the downfall of the Medial Moguls [oh wait…that’s already happening 😉 ]. 

The concept here is that if everybody else could see it then it probably would already be done.  But innovation…ahhhhh yes, real innovation starts with excercising your mind.  The trick is to “see” things with a new frame of thought, which is easier said than done.  

Over time, groupthink and “the ordinary” sink in and desensitize your “mind’s eye”…leaving it callused.   You’ve got to continually purpose to think differently…that’s what visioneering is all about.  So if you want to start that business, application, ministry or organization…start thinking on it. 

And next time life presents you with a roadblock…think what could be and not what is.

 By:  Micah Davis

What moves you?
October 17, 2006


Each morning that you wake up…what do you do to move in line with your purpose? Your dreams, passion, ideas, mission, goals, potential, profit, faith, beliefs, aspirations or objectives.

And then they come…by the truckloads…yep, that’s right…thoughts of negativity.

Doubt, Procrastination, Fear, Competition, Discomfort, Risk, yada yada yada…

Simply put…IT’S TIME. It’s time to live your dreams, pursue your passion, unleash your ideas, undertake your mission, achieve your goals, unlock your potential, capture your profit, let loose your faith, sharpen your beliefs, challenge your aspirations and realize your objectives. It’s a journey…

“Everyone is going somewhere in life, but few are going somewhere on purpose.”

By:  Micah Davis